Government Playing Catch-Up With TV Licence Fee

By Sam Gibbs on at

The government is looking to integrate the BBC iPlayer and its kin into the TV Licence. The plans that will mean anyone watching terrestrial catch-up services will require a licence, regardless of TV-ownership.

Currently the BBC's iPlayer is part-funded by the licence fee with 66p per licence spent on the streaming service. You could be forgiven for already thinking that you had to have a TV Licence to watch catch-up streaming, but under the current implementation that's not the case if you don't own a TV, tuner card or similar terrestrial broadcast receiving equipment.

In all likelihood, anyone actually watching iPlayer and the alike services from ITV, Channel 4 and Five, will already have a TV and therefore a licence; but its good to see the government is at least a little forward thinking. After all, TV streaming is set to get a big kick-up-the-arse with the broadcaster-backed YouView launching next year. [The Guardian via TechRadar]