Great Little War Game for Android: Even the Gore Is Cute

By Stuart Houghton on at

It's WAR! Tiny, adorable forces are amassing to do battle for honour, territory and whatever the Generalissimo thinks you should be fighting about today. Grunts, snipers, tanks and gunboats are locking and loading in preparation for the mother of all battles and you, yes YOU, are in command.

There are quite a few strategy games for Android, but it is fair to say that the majority are either very basic or have reasonably complex rule sets but look like they were developed on an Atari 800. Great Little War Game is a bit different and owes much to classic titles like Cannon Fodder and Advance Wars.


How does it play?

Great Little War Game is a turn-based strategy game. This is an unfashionable genre on PC and consoles, having being almost entirely eradicated by Real-time Strategy. On mobile, however, it is perfect, particularly if you like to play on your way to work in the morning or while you are meant to be concentrating on something else.

In the main campaign game you control a small squad of troops in a succession of missions in which you must complete certain objectives. Often the objectives are simply 'kill all the enemy' but later missions add bases or officers for you to defend or capture and timed objectives where you must survive for a set number of days. At the start of each turn you simply tap the troop you want to move or fight with and then either tap a destination or a target and off he will waddle.

The initial troop selection is just composed of grunts and snipers but as you advance through the missions you unlock more specialised units like tanks or air support and can boost the stats of your existing forces as they earn promotions.

The game comes with two campaigns, a Skirmish mode where you can just fight a random battle against the AI, and a Pass & Play mode that allows for two-player combat using the same device.


Why do we like it?

Everything about this game screams quality. The 3D troops are lovingly rendered in a dumpy, cartoon style and the hex-based nature of map is cunningly disguised by well-drawn environmental features. The music is suitably pompous and stirring and everything is done with tongue firmly in cheek. Even the gore is cute -- troops fire at each other in term and bleed out when shot, but in a really adorable way. Not a sentence I thought I would ever write.

The game itself is instantly playable with intuitive controls and a few easy missions to get you started. Once those are out of the way the game becomes surprisingly deep and real strategy is required to complete each objective. The addition of new troop types both complicates matters and makes them a lot more fun.

If you enjoy strategy games, and especially if you like Advance Wars or have fond memories of Cannon Fodder, on the Amiga then this game is well worth your cash.


Great Little War Game costs £1.91 from the Android Marketplace