Greedy Spiders for Android: Four Legs Good, Eight Legs Even Better

By Stuart Houghton on at

One of these days someone will create the ultimate mobile game. It will be called ADJECTIVE NOUNS and will feature Nouns (probably some kind of animal) that can be summed up with a single Adjective. They might be angry, scary, clumsy or something else but they will be that thing and that thing alone.

Greedy Spiders is the latest example of this burgeoning genre although developers Blyts could just have easily called this Difficult Spiders because -- after a few short warm up levels -- that is what this game turns into. Voguish title aside, however, Greedy Spiders weaves an intriguing web that we think will ensnare your free time.


How does it play?

The premise is simple -- one or more flies are trapped in a web and you must destroy strands of the web to stop the titular spiders from crawling along them and eating the flies. Snip a strand and the spider will have to find an alternate route but allow just one bug to be bitten and it is game over.

The game is turn-based and every time you destroy a strand the spider will move from one node of the web to another, trying to find the quickest route to a fly. Spiders can only move along web strands and rest on the nodes where strands join in between moves so you can block off routes, making them backtrack to find an alternative. You can free a fly by snipping all the strands that connect to the node where it is trapped. If you manage to snip all the strands that could lead to the fly the game is clever enough to realise the fly is effectively safe and will release it anyway.

Each level has a different web layout with a varying number of flies. You quickly notice that more flies equals more possible routes to disaster but once the difficulty level ramps up and you start to get multiple spiders as well things get much more challenging.


Why do we like it?

Seriously tough puzzle games are rare, and Greedy Spiders will quickly take you from 'mildly taxing' to 'Arrgh' with the addition of just a few arachnids. The game never stops being fun however, and as you progress you can unlock powerups and weapons that will let you take out bigger chunks of web or distract the attacking arachnids.

Later levels introduce new types of spider that are better at calculating routes and are much harder to fool. You have to think hard to decide how best to tackle these new enemies and have to divide your time between trying to trap them on the one hand while trying to free the flies as quickly as possible on the other. An undo feature means you can experiment a little and the game is addictive enough that you will want to carry on even when things get tough.


Greedy Spiders is a free download from the Android Marketplace