Handheld Video Games from the '70s Made No Sense

By Adrian Covert on at

I inherited one of these 70s handheld games from a box of junk when I was five. It was a Harlem Globetrotters-branded basketball game. It was downright incomprehensible. This Pulsonic baseball game looks no different.

As a kid, I was immediately drawn to that damned Globetrotters game because it had buttons and made noise and was shaped like a basketball. I was intrigued by it, blinded to the fact that it was just a strange sucession of blinking red dots with a static plastic overlay on top of it. I never really figured out how to play it. I don't think I ever picked it up for longer than five minutes. I doubt I could figure out how to use it now. I just knew that that sometimes I would push the right button and it would make a different noise than usual. Everything about this Pulsonic baseball game, from the size, to the look, to the screen, is causing some serious flashbacks. I'm just thankful I also had NES to run back to. [Etsy]