Hands On iPhone 4S Video Shows 3x Speed Boost (And Siri!)

By Sam Biddle on at

Somehow, someone in China's gotten their mitts on an iPhone 4S already. Or so this video claims. The brief vid, dug up by MacRumors, shows off some impressive benchmarking and Siri settings. It seems faster!

Safari launches near-instantly, which is kind of impressive. It is, after all, Safari, and might have just been recently closed. But the real pudding lies in the BrowserMark demo, in which the 4S doubles the 4's performance. With the Java-bending Sunspider benchmark, the 4S clocks in at around a third of the time as a 4 running iOS 4, according to GigaOm's numbers. Thanks, new A5 processor! It'd be nice to see our Chinese friend boot up Infinity Blade instead of a synthetic browser benchmark, but hey, numbers are numbers.

The video also shows Siri, which we've seen, as well as Siri's settings pane, which we haven't seen. It looks like we'll be able to trigger the AI secretary just by lifting the phone, allowing us to talk into it like an actual conversation, instead of speaking to it from afar like lunatics. [MacRumors]