iPhone 4S Hands-On Video: Looks Just Like the Old One

By Kat Hannaford on at

Gizmodo and their new UK branch are still excluded from Apple events because of a certain "kerfuffle" last year, which meant we weren't able to bring you hands-on photos and video. Not to worry though, as our new UK sibling TechRadar still graces Apple's good books. For now, anyway.

Apparently Apple wasn't so keen to let the media take hands-on pics of their newest phone last night, which I'm guessing is why TechRadar's pics look like they were hurriedly shot on their phone. Nonetheless, if looking at grainy photos of the same hardware is your idea of fun for a  Wednesday morning, go ahead, be our guest -- the gallery is waiting for you, as is TechRadar's video. [TechRadar]