iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

By Casey Chan on at

Apple improved the antenna design in the iPhone 4S in an attempt to kill the notorious Death Grip problem in the old iPhone 4. Did it work? Yes. OH YES. There is no death grip in the iPhone 4S.

Our American brothers pitted an AT&T iPhone 4S vs an AT&T iPhone 4 to compare the death grip attenuation and when they tried to choke the 4S, it didn't budge. The 5 bars stayed steady throughout their entire test. The old iPhone 4? When gripped, the signal slowly dropped from 5 bars to 3 (and then re-gained those lost bars when they opened it up).

So if you were worried about the Death Grip still existing in the iPhone 4S, worry no more. It's gone. Sayonara. Killed. Buh-byed. Dead dead dead. You can't "hold it wrong" anymore. Finally?