Is This the Strangest Microsoft Video Yet?

By Sam Biddle on at

Nothing will ever beat the sheer sadness of the Windows 7 Launch Party, but this new Microsoft demo is sure weirder. Our chipper host here is going to demo Songsmith, a Microsoft program nobody uses. By singing so very painfully.

It's not her fault! Someone made her do it! But this is probably the reason Microsoft stopped working on Songsmith two years ago—it's just not really that easy to make a hit songggggggggggg. Despite our hosts insistence that this is a hit songgggggggggggggggggggggggg. Is she trying to convince herself? The camera operator? Microsoft shareholders? Her parents? You have to admire her determination. She doesn't moan in that guttural belch voice, I'm gonna make it! No. This is a hit song. By God as her witness, it's a hit. She even picked the tempo herself.

Also, ha ha! She want you to listen to it on a Zune, which doesn't exist anymore. This Microsoft store is located in an alternate dimension of broken dreams. [Microsoft via AllThingsD]