Kisses = New Global Money, According to Kissbank

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is not about prostitution. Kissbank wants to turn the kiss into a new form of web-based virtual currency, where users can send kisses to their heroes, friends, lovers and fans.

The general idea is that a person's worth should be judged by how much love they have, rather than how much cash they may have in the bank. The site, which is based in London, features its own Kiss Index, which ranks users on how much raw love they have accumulated.

You get 100 "kisses" per month for joining, and the catch is that you can't keep them -- only kisses given to you by others count toward your love ranking.

The site also features a news feed of positive, feelgood stories from around the world, plus a weird Celebrity Profiles section which attempts to pull in famous names. [Kissbank]