Kogan Goes For the Jugular of the UK TV Market

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever heard of Kogan? Nah, me neither. It's an Australian outfit with a business model that basically cuts out the middle men. The upside is their gear is meant to be dirt cheap.

They've got three new large screen TVs out today that'll hit these shores in the middle of December. All of them feature LED backlights, Full HD and PVR via external USB storage. A so-so feature set it has to be said, but considering you can pick up the 55" from £900 plus shipping, perhaps they're worth a look. Whether they're actually any good of course remains to be seen. Smacks to me of bargain basement Dell-type direct to the consumer rather than the awesome Apple-direct to consumer model; And we all know how hit and miss Dell can be. [Kogan]