Leaked Photos of Asus' EeePad Transformer 2 Shows Its Zenbook-Like Beauty

By Kat Hannaford on at

The best thing about Asus' Zenbook line of laptops, as discovered in our review? That gorgeous brushed aluminium and sleek, sleek lines. Asus obviously knows a good thing when it sees it, as leaked photos of the EeePad Transformer 2 show a real departure from the first model.

While the leaked photos don't show too much of the "transformation," we do like what we see. Of course, this is the laptop/tablet-thingy that Asus waved around like a penis in the most over-the-top teaser video known to man. We wouldn't expect anything less beautiful from Asus.

While Asus has never officially announced it, nor detailed much of the spec, we do know the Android-running tablet/laptop is being readied for a November announcement, and measures just 8.3mm thick. Not too shabby for a tablet that transforms into a laptop, right? [Notebook Italia via Engadget]