Libyan Rebels Channeled the A-Team With This Anti Sniper Dozer

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Libyan rebels that helped overthrow Gadaffi's regime may not have had the most advanced weaponry at their disposal. But they were resourceful and used what they had available, including converting a bulldozer into a rolling, bulletproof battleship.

Looking like a prop from an international version of the A-Team, the lumbering tank was created by covering a bulldozer in armour composed of concrete and thick steel plating. Since it was designed to take out buildings used by snipers, the dozer is protected from gunfire on all sides, save for strategic ports cut just large enough for machine gun barrels and RPG launchers. It was originally built in Misurata and intended for use in the fight in Tripoli about 116 miles away, but before it could be deployed the capital city fell. So it was instead sent to Sirte, where Gaddafi was eventually captured and killed, and thanks to its Libyan flag paint scheme it probably now serves as a great addition to the country's victory celebrations. [Telegraph via Autoblog]