Londoners Give South Koreans a Run For Their Money With Gigabit Broadband

By Sam Gibbs on at

While the vast majority of Brits can only dream of the kind of connectivity the likes of South Koreans have, residents of Prices Court in Wandsworth can live that dream as of today -- gigabit broadband is go.

For just With price plans starting at £12.50 and topping out at £50 a month plus line rental, Hyperoptic is offering residents of the 133-flat complex 1Gbps broadband connections that even include free evening and weekend calls. What the hell?

Considering BT Infinity currently tops out at 40Mbps and will cost you upwards of £18 plus line rental (about £10 depending on what you choose), while Virgin's current widely-available top package only hits 50Mbps and will cost you about £30 a month, about £60 for 1Gbps month is an absolute bargain.

Hyperoptic, which has been set up by the founders of Be broadband (now O2 broadband), has further deployments already underway across London in Battersea, Docklands, Holborn, Shepherds Bush, Vauxhall and Westminster, and is looking for further fibre roll-outs within UK cities across the country for 2012. I'd give my eye-teeth for gigabit broadband; perhaps it's time to move house.

Update: Having had a chance to talk to Boris Ivanovic, co-founder of Hyperoptic, you'll be glad to know that there is something you can do if you want Hyperoptic to come and connect you up. They're actively looking for high-density dwellings to connect up, so if you happen to live in a complex or block of flats with 100 or more residents, you can register your interest by phone, email or through their contact form. The more of you that get on-board the more likely it is Hyperoptic'll be able to hook you up.

Hyperoptic is currently in the process of rolling out their fibre service to another 100 or so residential developments around London and will be looking to reach out to larger cities in the UK like Manchester and Liverpool in the second half of 2012.

Not only will you get mind boggling speeds but you'll also get great response times with low sub-10ms pings thanks to fibre connections end to end. Now that makes me want it even more, just to get the gaming edge -- head shots will never have been so easy, probably.

Image credit: asharkyu/Shutterstock