Lucky Essex School Kids Get £500k's Worth of iPad 2s

By Sam Gibbs on at

India's been trying to revolutionise education with its £40 tablet, meanwhile we've been buying 1,200 iPad 2s for school kids.

Honywood Community Science School, a brand new school-to-academy conversion in Colchester, has stumped up some £500,000 to bring their kids into the post-PC era. Parents are also being asked to fork over £50 for insurance for the relatively fragile tablet.

Spending 2.3% of your annual budget on tablets for kids may seem a bit daft, but local Tory MP Priti Patel said: "New and modern technologies can provide a valuable asset to help children learn and pupils in Britain and in Essex should not be left behind." Agreed, but tablets? "Our international competitors are embracing the latest technologies in schools" said Patel, which is true, although by schools he may have been referring to Universities as Computer World pointed out, as Yale has recently decided to furnish this years' Medical School intake with iPads.

There's quite a big difference between school and university, and while joining the post-PC era is undoubtedly an absolute boon for the kids from Colchester, perhaps in this time of tight budgets and cost cutting, £500k spent on buying the Rolls Royce of tablets could have been spent on better teaching instead? [Computerworld UK]