LulzSec's Top Hacker Sabu "On The Run"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The most prominent member of hacking gang LulzSec has spoken on a number of issues, claiming to be holding vast quantities of unpublished data. But life's not great on a personal level -- he's "past the point of no return".

While Sabu claims the hacking group has a war chest of unpublished confidential data from banking giant HSBC and several other financial institutions, the former apparent leader of the disbanded team is clearly feeling a little under siege personally, saying "The ironic twist will be that my own friends will take me down."

In a wide-ranging interview curated by Reddit readers and posted up on the site, Sabu also gave us a few facts about the man behind the chaos -- he's self-taught, occasionally works as a teacher and is married.

We wonder if his wife knows why he always starts formatting his hard drive when the doorbell rings? [Reddit via the Guardian]