Microsoft Checks Mail on Android With New Hotmail App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has released an official Hotmail app for Android, finally bringing native support to phones for those still bravely soldiering on with the company's ageing free email system.

The Android Hotmail app is a rather bland black & grey affair, but it does offer all the options you need. There are push notifications, message truncating so you don't hammer your mobile data allowance, plus the option to only download emails from the past 24 hours rather then hoover up the lot when you first connect.

It even supports multiple Hotmail accounts, if you really haven't moved on in the last decade, plus it's integrated with the Android sharing system so it's easy to use as an outgoing client from all other Android apps and tools.

In other retro email news, the web-based version of Microsoft's email app has also been updated, with a new release attempting, once again, to more finely hone its spam detection routines. [Android Market]