Microsoft's Latest Charitable Act -- Giving Nokia a £20m Marketing Boost

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is putting aside a whopping great £28m to spend on promoting its Windows Phone OS and handset range this winter, with Nokia set to benefit from £20m of free advertising in the UK.

The £28m ad budget will be used to promote the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango range, with Samsung also allowed to do some shopping on Microsoft's debit card. But most of it will be blown sticking posters of Nokia phones over bus stops.

According to Mobile Magazine's source, this mega-splurge is the "last roll of the dice" for Microsoft and its WP7 plans. Another Christmas of failure to make any sort of impact on Android and iPhone smartphone dominance and it'll be in serious trouble.

We'll know exactly what Microsoft's money will be spent on in the next fortnight, with Nokia set to unveil its plans during its Nokia World event at the end of the month. [Mobile]

Image credit: Shutterstock.