Minister: DAB Radio Complaints Are Fair, But We're Still Going Digital

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's culture minister Ed Vaizey has confirmed what most of us already know -- DAB radio isn't great and many radio fans are happy with the old analogue system, thanks.

Speaking at the Drive to Digital conference, Mr Vaizey said there were "elements of truth" to common claims that the DAB system we use is already out of date, its coverage is poorer than the old analogue network and that we're all happy to stick with FM and cobbling together our own streaming options.

However, the culture minister says "over 14m" DAB radios have been sold in the UK so far, and the crucial adoption from car makers is steadily increasing with strong support from Ford about to come online -- although still only 27 per cent of total radio listening in the UK is currently done via digital boxes.

Mr Vaizey stressed that no concrete decision on the final date of the radio switchover will be taken until digital has won over more than 50 per cent of the radio audience. So here's a chance it may never happen if we all defiantly stick with our ancient FM Grundigs. [Drive to Digital via Telegraph]