Motorola Only Shipped a Measly 100,000 Xooms Last Quarter (Apple Sold 11 Million iPads)

By Casey Chan on at

Motorola just announced their Q3 earnings and revealed that they only shipped 100,000 Xoom tablets in Q3. Shipped. Which is a far, far cry from actually sold. As a reference point, Apple sold 11 million iPads in the same quarter.

It's more proof that Android tablets are having a tough time gaining any traction with people. I mean, when your competitor is so dominant that it's selling over 100 times what you're merely shipping, it's not looking pretty. Luckily, there are better Android tablets to choose from than the Xoom (the Samsung Galaxy 8.9 for example) and it looks like Motorola is set to release a Xoom 2 soon too. Maybe that can spark the stagnant Android tablet ship? [Business Insider]