Film Rentals Now Available Through UK Android Market

By Gary Cutlack on at

Huge news for Android users in the UK today -- Google has added Movies to the UK Android Market, to go alongside the Books service it launched a few weeks ago.

In the UK, Android users now have access to a similar collection of films to that which appeared on YouTube a short while ago, with classic titles and modern blockbusters available for rent for between £2.49 and £3.49.

Ordering a film through the Android Market is exactly the same as sticking an app on your phone. Pick the title you want, agree to Google's 30-day rental terms, then it'll charge your Google Checkout account and begin transferring it to your mobile -- or you can choose to view it via the web.

You will need Android 2.2 or higher on your phone for the entire process to work. [Android Market via AndroidCentral -- Thanks, Darrell!]