MPs Fighting Mobile Networks' "Rip-Off" Stolen Phone Call Charges

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of MPs are trying to do victims of stolen phones a favour, by forcing the networks to reduce the amounts they charge for calls made on stolen phones.

MP Robert Halfon is leading the plans, saying: "First of all they charge rip-off insurance -- often £10 to £15 a month -- and then, when the phone is nicked, they charge for the calls made. They shouldn't be stealth taxing consumers in this way."

Halfon and the group of 20 MPs are calling for the networks to charge users the wholesale rate -- what the networks charge each other -- for calls made after phones have been stolen, which would reduce charges to victims of theft significantly.

This plan is currently only at the stage of a parliamentary Early Day Motion, though -- which means it's on the cards for a possible future debate. It's a long way from anything actually happening or laws being changed. [Telegraph]