My Secret Folder for iOS: Hide the Stuff You Don't Want Other People to See

By Casey Chan on at

The great thing about the iPhone and iPad? It's just so damn fun to use. You pick it up, swipe and enjoy. The bad thing about the iPhone and iPad? Everyone wants to pick up your iDevice, swipe and enjoy too. AND THERE COULD BE SECRET PICS IN THERE. Protect yourself with My Secret Folder.


What's it do?

My Secret Folder's icon looks like an iOS Folder (that's because its designed exactly the same) but what it actually is, is a private, passcode enabled app that stores pictures, movies, notes, contacts and a bunch of things you don't want people to accidentally stumble upon. It even has a porn mode browser! But probably best of all is if someone accidentally opened the app and entered the wrong passcode, the app will snap a picture of the culprit, tag a location to the incident and keep it on file for when you return. Feel free to carry your "sensitive material" on your iOS device from now on.


Why do we like it?

You know that problem you have when you hand your friend your phone to check out a picture and then they re-live your entire life story by thumbing through your camera roll without permission? Happens to all of us. And though most of the pictures are fine and benign and doesn't reveal anything embarassing, it only takes one picture to launch the laughter of a 1000 decibels. You don't want that, no one wants that. So My Secret Folder lets you import those top secret files into its app for protection. There's a layer of security that people won't be able to penetrate without the passcode. Secret notes are also great as you can keep personal thoughts to yourself, secret contacts is better suited for infidelity and a porn mode browser is a porn mode browser. Oh! You can also take pictures from the app so it automatically stores the image in My Secret Folder.

My Secret Folder is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, for 69p.