Nexus S Getting its Android 4.0 Update "Within Weeks" -- Nexus One Left For Dead

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's antiquated (in smartphone years) Nexus S phone, which launched at the very end of 2010, will receive an update to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of the mobile OS, with Google promising it'll arrive "within weeks".

According to Hugo Barra, Google's Product Management Director of everything Android, that's the timescale for the Android 4.0 update, although with the Galaxy Nexus also launching within the next two or three weeks, there's a slim chance owners of the older Google phone may find themselves the first to play with Android 4.0.

But there's bad news for owners of the Nexus One, the very first flagship Android device made for Google by HTC -- that won't see Android 4.0 due to its ancient (again, in smartphone terms) technology. [Telegraph]