NHS Is Poorly Equipped For Incoming 'Genetic Revolution'

By Sam Gibbs on at

The 'genetic revolution' is almost here and the NHS isn't ready. The cost of sequencing your DNA has dropped dramatically. Now with bespoke genetic screening, we have the ability to tailor treatments to the patient, battle cancer and rare disease.

Problem is, the NHS doesn't have the infrastructure and expertise currently available to implement these exciting and possibly therapy-changing medical technologies -- according to a report by the Foundation for Genomics and Population Health.

Having your personal genetic code sequenced could have the power to beat cancer and other genetic abnormalities into submission, while identifying genetic weaknesses to other diseases. Drugs and treatments specifically tailored to your person aren't that far off anymore. Let's hope the current financial squeeze doesn't stop technological roll-outs in the NHS. [BBC]

Image credit: Mopic/Shutterstock