Nokia 800 Windows Phone Mango Device Pictured Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nice high-res photograph of what could be a finished version of Nokia's first WP7 phone has appeared online, showing us the phone previously known as the "Sea Ray" in all its... er... glory.

The new phone, which previously leaked under the product name Nokia 800, is a slab-like affair, which will arrive in three colours variants according to images acquired by PocketNow. One of the colours is pink, so we can ignore that one. It'll come in black and blue.

The Nokia 800 looks a little odd compared to what we expect from a smartphone in 2011, with Nokia taking quite a few design cues from its old N9. Curved at the sides with your usual range of smartphone control buttons down the side, the bottom of the phone is flat, while the matte, coloured finish of the case is a weird throwback to how phones used to look, before polished metal and rubberised casings took off.

It's certainly an interesting looking thing in today's world of dull black slabs, but in the same week we've seen super-evolved, skinny, amazing new smartphones from Motorola and Samsung/Google, does the world really need a relatively childlike bit of plastic from Nokia? [PocketNow via Engadget]