Nokia Ace -- Rumoured High-End 4.3" Windows Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours of another future Nokia Windows Phone handset have appeared, with the "Nokia Ace" named as one possible forthcoming Windows Phone device from the floundering Finnish mobile giant.

The tech specs at this early stage have the Nokia Ace down as a high-end device featuring a large 4.3" screen, while the Ace's processor is said be a 1.4GHz model -- which would place the phone rather well when it comes to competing with the many mid-to-high-spec Android phones out there right now -- while imaging is taken care of by an 8megapixel Carl Zeiss unit.

The news comes from an anonymous source so could possibly be, as we are allowed to say on Gizmodo nowadays, a "load of bollocks".

We'll hopefully get more concrete information about Nokia's WP handset range on October 26, when the company's Nokia World event kicks off in London with a keynote address from boss Stephen Elop -- and Windows Phone team members attending too. [MyNokiaBlog via SlashGear]