Nokia Drive on WP7 Is Missing Several Key Features

By Kat Hannaford on at

If you take just one thing away today from Nokia's announcements, it's that Microsoft has done well securing its first turn-by-turn navigation system in the form of Nokia Drive. But during my hands-on demo with the Lumia 800, I discovered something startling -- it won't ship with live traffic; offline map caching nor previous locations. Gulp.

In fact, the demo man I spoke to said if you were looking for a better navigational experience on a Nokia phone, you'd be better off buying the N9 -- though as you know, Nokia cancelled its UK launch several months back.

There's hope yet for Nokia Drive, though. There'll be an update sent out at an unconfirmed date, which will bring these extra features to the WP7 platform, making it a more finished purchased for any drivers.

Update: We spoke to a Nokia PR rep in regards to this article, and he stated that the demo-person at Nokia World gave us incorrect details regarding offline map caching. This is something we also confirmed in our review of the Lumia 800.