Nokia Says the Next Version of WP7 Will Have the Big Features

By Kat Hannaford on at

Many people -- myself included -- have been pretty judgmental about Nokia's first WP7 phones. Rather than come out with guns ablazin' today, making the other manufacturers envious of their partnership with Microsoft, we'll have to wait for the next WP7 update, codenamed Apollo, to see the true extent of their relationship.

Nokia's executive VP of markets, Niklas Savander, told TechRadar that it all boils down to timing. While Nokia and Microsoft announced their cosy co-habituation set-up back in February, that was too late to unleash the big features for Mango. Savander instead says that the next big WP7 update will impress:

"We made the decision to go to Windows Phone when Mango was pretty much done, so we were able to impact some elements of it but you'll really see the fruits of what we can do with Microsoft when the Apollo version of Windows Phone comes out."

A timeline for Apollo hasn't been given, but we can expect it to debut sometime next year. What features would you hope to come out of Nokia's bed-sharing with Microsoft, though? While it's impressive Nokia's phones are the first to contain turn-by-turn navigation on the WP7 platform, it's hardly ground-breaking development. What would make you consider buying a WP7 Nokia? [TechRadar]