Nokia's Windows Phone... Phone Teased on ITV Prime Time

By Gary Cutlack on at

Remember all that delicious money Microsoft pledged to help Nokia make a success of its WP7 device launch? Some of it was blown over the weekend, through a series of super-short teaser adverts shown on ITV.

The ads, which only ran for a couple of seconds each, were first spotted on ITV on Saturday night, in advert breaks around and between Harry Hill's popular TV Burp. Fan site My Nokia Blog did the decent thing and assembled the clips into the above video, which gives us short but sweet looks at the back & sides of the handset.

And yes, the phone looks very much like last week's supposed press shot.

Rather interestingly, there's still no official model name, number or identification on the phone or the ads. It's a proper anonymous and mysterious teaser. So we'll assume Nokia is still running with the Nokia 800 model name, which is the current way we're all referring to the WP7 Nokia prototype originally known as "Sea Ray." [My Nokia Blog via Recombu]