O2 Customers Will be Allowed to Call and Text Over Wi-Fi, Using Their Same Number

By Sam Gibbs on at

O2's trying to offload some of its voice traffic onto the broadband network with the launch of O2 Connect. Both voice and SMS will be carried down the inter'tubes, all locked to your original mobile number.

Lucky invite-only testers will be selected in the near future for a trial of the VoIP service that kicks off this month. Initially it'll only be available to iOS and Android users -- hard luck Pre owners -- while O2's aiming for a 2012 commercial launch of Connect. Seems like everything is either 'coming' or 'launching' in 2012. Still, if it'll help me get a decent phone call out of my signal black-hole-of-a-flat I'm game. [O2]

Image credit: vectorlib-com/Shutterstock