OS X 10.7.2 Sneakily Fixed One of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Lion

By Kyle Wagner on at

With all the hubbub over iOS 5, iCloud, and the iPhone last week, a pretty big change to OS X (for power-using nerds like me) slipped by unnoticed: You can now rearrange Spaces and Full Screen apps from Mission Control.

Not being able to rearrange Spaces and Full Screen apps (which were stuck on the far right) meant you had to use a variety of workarounds and pre-planning if you wanted to have a workspace that made sense. Now, thankfully, you can set up your workspace however you want it and not worry about dragging every single window into a new Space if you want to change their order.

There are still a few illogical usability hiccups, like not being able to drag app windows from one display's mission control to the other's. And the update introduces some new multi-display confusion, since rearranging spaces on one screen switches them on the other as well. But one of the biggest reasons we weren't altogether taken by Lion was how unfriendly it was to powerish users, and this is a sign that Apple's listening at least a little bit.