Pluto Should Be Reinstated as King of the Dwarfs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh Pluto, not only are you no longer a planet, but were put into second place among your peers by something that's only the same size as you -- maybe even smaller.

In 2005 Eris -- the dwarf planet that displaced Pluto as the King of the dwarfs at the end of our planetary system -- was originally measured by Hubble as being 2600km in diameter, beating out tiny Pluto at only 2340km wide. After Eris passed directly in front of a distant star last November, astronomers have been recalculating the its size based on the shadow footprint it left. The stargazers found that not only was 2600km an over estimation, but that at 2326km, Eris might even be slightly smaller than Pluto, making them more or less twins.

Don't worry Pluto, you'll always be the King of the dwarfs in my eyes no matter what happens. [Scientific American via New Scientist]