Porsche Design Preparing Custom BlackBerry Bold

By Gary Cutlack on at

Porsche Design and BlackBerry have invited members of the tech press to a joint product announcement on October 27th. It may well be for that weird phone there.

The image above is a mysterious prototype spotted earlier in the year, which would appear to fit the bill of a possible BB/Porsche link up. It's a radically redesigned BlackBerry Bold 9900, which was spotted with the word "PROCEEDING" etched into the top of its case.

PROCEEDING looks a bit like PORSCHE DESIGN. It would certainly do for secret layout checking purposes on a prototype unit, eh?

The handset was initially known as the 9980 and discovered by a CrackBerry forum user back in September, where it was identified as a fully functional Bold 9900 with only slight cosmetic changes made to the case and keyboard. [Stuff ME via GSM Arena]