Pro Giz UK Tip: "Like" Comments For Kudos and Stars

By Kat Hannaford on at

There are some amazingly witty commenters lurking around these parts. Show you like their style, by pressing "like" on their comment. Once they hit 20 likes (across all their comments), they're rewarded with a big fat star. But that's when the real fun starts.

Once a commenter has a star, s/he can then automatically star fellow commenters -- but only if they're deserving. You wouldn't want to rub shoulders with any old roughneck, after all. Starred commenters will be invited to exclusive parties, launches and be given other opportunities the great commenting unwashed aren't invited to -- so lift your game, and get involved. And remember -- editors have no control over stars, so it's up to you chaps and chapesses to make sure the Giz UK sky is full of stars.

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