Pro Giz UK Tip: Use Tags to Find Articles of Interest

By Kat Hannaford on at

Longtime US readers will be familiar with the way tags work, but as a reminder, if you're looking for all our news about Apple (I won't hold that against you), or even want to ignore all the posts we take from the US site in favour of UK-published stuff, tags are your new best friend.

You can find them all over the site in blue -- we have a main tag above the headline of each article so you know what the article's about, and the rest of the associated tags either on the right-hand side of the homepage's posts, or below the article on the post page.

Just add "/tag/android" (or whatever keyword you're looking for) to the end of the URL, and if the writers are doing their jobs correctly, you should find what you're looking for. Unless it's U2-related articles. This is a U2 free zone.

Image Credit: Robyn Mackenzie / Shutterstock