Rat Takes Out Virgin Media Services In Scotland

By Sam Gibbs on at

This has certainly been an interesting week for service outages with both Apple and RIM struggling to keep their services afloat. Virgin Media has to take the biscuit this week though, due to no fault of their own.

A rat took a liking to some fibre-optic cables that fed parts of Scotland including three Fife towns. The rodents chewed right through the cables cutting off phone, broadband and cable TV services. What makes it worse is that after the Virgin engineers had been out to fix up the gnawed cables, the little pests came back for another taste meaning a second cable blackout had to be fixed. Virgin have said that extra precautions have been taken this time to prevent the little bastards from chewing the cables -- lets hope that means a little fried rat will be available at sometime in the near future. [Macworld UK]

Image credit: Oleg Kozlov/Shutterstock