Recruitment Drive Lures Aussie Tech Companies to UK

By Kat Hannaford on at

My, how times have changed. Just 60 years after the Ten Pound Pom campaign saw millions of Brits jump ship to Australia, those Orrstrayans are being lured back to the mothership by the UK Trade & Investment, hoping to capitalise on the country's fresh way of thinking.

The UKTI's Go UK drive is also targeted at New Zealand nerds, lest those Kiwis feel like they're missing out on our wintery-summers. The competition is open until February 3rd 2012, and seeks tech companies from down under to open offices over here in the UK, with promises of return airfares and UKTI's support with setting up meetings, contacts and the necessary business arrangements.

As an Aussie nerd working in the UK's tech industry, I can vouch for the efficiency of my home country's workers. Now, someone pass me a can of Fosters, please -- I need some liquid to pour over my morning bowl of porridge. [Go UK via The Reg]