RIM: Smaller 3.2" BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380 Imminent

By Gary Cutlack on at

A smaller, touchscreen-only and therefore hopefully cheaper BlackBerry Curve Touch is on the way, with RIM telling its app developers to prepare for a modest 3.2" touch-only BlackBerry.

According to BlackBerry's own developer site, the Curve Touch 9380 will run its touchscreen at a middle-of-the-road smartphone resolution of 480x360, producing a screen pixel density count of 189ppi.

The RIM tech site also makes mention of the 9790, your more traditional 2.44" portrait/QWERTY BB model type, which is a phone previous internet leaks knew as the Bold Bellagio 9790. [RIM via N4BB via UnwiredView via Engadget]

Image credit: Tatiana Popova / Shutterstock