RMT Up-In-Arms Over Leaked Driverless Tube Train Document

By Sam Gibbs on at

Driverless London Tube trains are on the cards according to a leaked Transport for London document. The RMT are up in arms about it because the proposed plans could lead to more than 1,500 job losses in the capital.

Considering London's been plagued with Tube strikes for several years and the London Docklands Light Railway already runs without drivers, it shouldn't come as a shock that TfL is at least thinking about it. TfL said that the document simply represented a discussion paper about the use of new technologies within London transport. Mike Brown, managing director of London Rail and Underground, told the FT:

“We need to examine how new technologies can further improve efficiency and how we can respond to the changing needs of our customers.”

London transport already uses a NFC payment system in the form of the Oyster card, which has been very successful. I'm all for integration of technologies that make my daily commute easier, and preferably cheaper -- but it could be a rocky road ahead with RMT calling strikes in protest. Things might get worse before they get better. [FT]

Image credit: Michal Rosak/Shutterstock