Royal Navy Opens New Battleship Training Sim

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Navy's new Maritime Composite Training System (MCTS) has gone online, giving trainee troops a chance to virtually practise on new Type 45 destroyers without the risk of reversing one onto a sandbank and getting on the local news.

The simulator is spread across two sites, with a 200 mile fibre link joining bases in Fareham and Plymouth. Both sites feature masses of screens and configurable software Warfare Team Trainers and Electronic Classroom Trainers that are capable of "faithfully replicating equipment used at sea."

As well as the Type 45, the sims can be altered to replicate the controls of Type 23 frigates, Type 42 destroyers, plus assorted assault ships and carriers that are also bobbing about off the coast of various regional hot spots. [MoD]