Rumour: The iPhone 4S Only Has 512MB of RAM

By Kelly Hodgkins on at

We hoped Apple had beefed up the RAM in the iPhone 4S, but those hopes may be dashed. Two recent unconfirmed reports suggest the iPhone 4S may ship with 512MB of RAM like the iPhone 4, not 1GB as expected.

This information comes from an Infinity Blade developer and the website Appvv. The developers behind Infinity Blade should be familiar with the hardware specs of the phone since its game will launch as the flagship title. And Appvv apparently has some advance knowledge of the handset as it posted a video of Siri in action.

If this rumour pans out, then the iPhone 4S may be less attractive to many users, a situation that could open the door for other platforms like Windows Phone to grab some market share. [Eurogamer and Appvv and via MacRumors]