Sainsbury's Buys Media Company GMV, For Future Online Streaming Sales

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK supermarket Sainsbury's has emerged as the unlikely buyer of Global Media Vault, which it describes as a "white label online digital entertainment business". Streaming Sainsbury's video on the way soon, then.

The acquisition of GMV cost the supermarket £1m, with Sainsbury's man Luke Jensen confirming its plans to offer digital media in the future, saying "customers will soon be able to buy, rent or stream content from Sainsbury's".

The supermarket opened its own online media store Sainsbury's Entertainment last year, but that's decidedly 'bricks & mortar' in approach, only selling physical copies of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, games and books, distributed to buyers using the archaic 'post man' network.

Soon we'll have cheap Sainsbury's downloads. And all those years of having the Sainsbury's press release RSS feed in my reader account have paid off. [Sainsbury's]