Live Out Your Billie Jean Fantasies on Westfield's Light-Up Pavements

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your pounding of the shopping centre halls can finally be put to good use thanks to some ingenious paving slabs. Before you ask -- yes, they do light up, but no, they don't pump Billie Jean muzak out of hidden speakers. Missing a trick, Westfield.

The large Pavegen floor tiles are being installed in London's Stratford City Westfield shopping centre to generate electricity as your plodding feed trudge over them. The fancy green rubber slabs slightly depress under your heft absorbing the kinetic energy and powering up to 50% of the outdoor lighting. The tiles themselves light up as you walk over them, leaving a trail as you trail after your other half, gently whimpering at the weight of her Primark carrier bags. [Telegraph]