SeeSaw Catch-Up Streamer Put Out to Pasture

By Sam Gibbs on at

SeeSaw, the evolution of the once fateful joint venture between BBC, ITV and Channel 4, Project Kangaroo, has shuttered after investment in June this year failed to save the troubled company.

The streaming service, which served up BBC and Channel 4 catch-up content as well as pay-per-view videos, was developed on top of the ashes of the competition commission-killed Project Kangeroo. It was bought from the broadcasting group by Arqiva, which also runs Britain's terrestrial broadcast infrastructure, and put up for sale at the beginning of this year. A last minute investment from a consortium of investors saw SeeSaw survive through till now -- but being limited to computer-only streaming ultimately left it out-played by the likes of the BBC's own iPlayer and Channel 4's 4oD. I like my on-demand video, but I want it on that 46-inch LCD I've got sitting in the living room, not tied to my computer in the office. [The Register]