Sexy Duke Nukem Forever TV Advert Banned From Broadcast Before 11.00pm

By Gary Cutlack on at

The knowingly sexist Duke Nukem has got himself in trouble with the UK Advertising Standards Authority, which has barred publisher 2K Games from showing its lapdancing-themed Duke advert before 11.00pm.

Despite the fact that the advert makers had generously "obscured the women's bottoms and nipples" with a pixilation effect, the fact that the ad also featured two other girls, in school uniforms with their hair in bunches, about to kiss, was simply too much for a handful of viewers.

34 people complained about the saucy game advert, which was originally allowed to be shown from 9.00pm onwards. Now it can only be shown past 11 o'clock, lest it bring about the decline of civilisation with its untamed, ironic 1980s sexism.

If, in the interests of furthering your personal knowledge and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding censorship in the UK today, you would like to view the offending video, it can be found on YouTube here. [ASA via the Guardian]