Shape Type: How Font Designers Have Fun

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You wouldn't think an online game that has players painstakingly adjusting bezier handles to reshape letters from various fonts would be remotely interesting. But even if you're not a font designer or graphically inclined, I guarantee your years of sub-consciously staring at well crafted magazines, newspapers and ads will help you play, and even enjoy, Shape Type.

Created by Mark MacKay, the game presents you with a single mis-shaped character, encouraging you to adjust multiple bezier handles until you've smoothed out its curves and corners. When you're satisfied that you've reached perfection, you can submit your corrections which will be compared to the original character and scored with a percentage based on their similarities. For those who don't mind cheating in order to achieve a perfect score, the name of the font is also provided on every turn, with links to where it can be downloaded if you want to visually compare the original to your corrections. The name of the font's designer is also provided, adding an edutainment element to the game. And because it's made with HTML 5 instead of Flash, you can even play it on your iPhone or iPad. [Shape Type via BoingBoing via Waxy]