Siri Is Also the Georgian Word for Penis

By Sam Biddle on at

Ass was pretty bad, but the global 8th grade iPhone 4S giggle-fest continues. Georgian Gizmodo reader Shota (from the country, no the state, homie) says "siri" is the Georgian word for "cock." Not the bird. This should be good.

Shota goes on to say that the Georgian phallic term is actually spelled letter for letter like Apple's voice magic. I'm sure a lot of us, no matter what nation we hail form, turn to our genitals for advice. But I can't remember the last time mine set up a geospatial text reminder for me.

Anyone else out there in the world with a dialect that turns Siri into something juvenile and funny? Swahili? Flemish? Eh? Let's hit the trifecta, guys.

Thanks, Shota!

Photo by tratong/Shutterstock