Solar Barbecue Makes Your Sausages Lukewarm in Under 12 Hours

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sadly we're well outside of the UK government's maximum safe recommended barbecuing season, but for next year, why not invest in the COOKUP200 solar barbecue?

Although, to avoid embarrassing yourself, don't call it a barbecue -- it's actually a parabolic solar cooker. The 1metre reflective dish focuses sunlight, allowing the central cooking tray spot to reach a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and thoroughly burn the outside of any meat you may stick in it.

Although it looks like a crazy imaginary concept or a failed weekend project from the garden of Ray Mears, the COOKUP200 is indeed a proper product that's actually available to buy. French manufacturer ID Cook will sell you a zero-carbon burger incinerator for around €500. [Geeky Gadgets via SlashGear]