Sony's Mobile Phones, Before Ericsson

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's announcement that Sony is buying out Ericsson's share of its mobile phone joint venture leads to one very big question. What will Sony be like without the guidance of Swedish mobile giant Ericsson?

Sony and Ericsson have been working together for just over a decade, which in terms of mobile phone development is several millennia. Cars are about the same as they were 10 years ago. TV's also about the same but a bit thinner. Houses and aeroplanes exactly the same. But mobile phones?

Entire mobile civilisations have risen and fallen since 2001. Smartphones took off prior to the recent touchscreen explosion, with all manner of keyboards, cameras, secondary cameras, styluses and more hanging out of our pockets. iPhone was born, Android arrived, plus there was even a small, crazy period when LG looked like a contender with its oddball Viewty range.

But the tech world we live in now is a far cry from the 1980s, 90s and the turn of the new millennium, when Sony could get away with the likes of the....