Starbucks 'Pick of the Week' Lands On UK Shores With Free iTunes Downloads

By Sam Gibbs on at

Free music track with your Espresso Macchiato sir? Why I don't mind if I do -- finally, Starbucks has brought the UK into parity with the US with its free iTunes 'Pick of the Week'.

Anyone buying something in Starbucks in the UK will be handed a Pick of the Week download card, which'll be redeemable up to 60 days from release. The first track offered up as bribery will be James Morrison's My Dream, with other artists like Coldplay, Tony Bennett and The Kooks on the cards. To mark the launch, Starbucks and Apple will also be giving away a free iBooks download in the form of Limitless by Alan Glynn (the book originally called The Dark Fields that spawned the film).

Can't argue with free now can you? With free Wi-Fi and now free downloads in 700 Starbucks stores across the UK, perhaps it's time to heft my writing kit down to my nearest coffee house. Now if only there was free coffee as well. [Telegraph]